Victorian Paper Dolls are Educational and Fun

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Victorian Paper Dolls books are fun and educational!Paper dolls have been popular with children for decades. Historical paper dolls are a great way to teach history while they play, as well as introduce them to the fashion designs of era’s long since past.

The Victorian paper doll collection features lovely dolls with various paper dresses that reflect the Victorian era fashion from the more common day dresses of that era to the elegant debutante ball gowns.

With the books below, a child can dress her paper doll for the ice skating rink, a dinner party, an evening ball or even a wedding!

Psst! There is even a Victorian pet collection!


Victorian Debutante Paper Doll

Victorian Debutante Paper DollCheck Price By Brenda Sneathen Mattox

Within the covers of this book, you will find two dolls: a debutante and her aunt.

Plus, elegant wardrobe for both dolls that was designed for a Tour of Europe. After all, every debutante and her chaperone requires the proper clothes for travel.

Their wardrobe consists of 16 costumes which include outfits for a party, dinner, ice skating and even a masked ball.

This paper doll book contains 16 Pages of fantastic fashion and fun!


Godey’s Early Victorian Fashions Paper Dolls

Godey’s Early Victorian Fashions Paper DollsCheck Price Victorian Paper Dolls by Ming-Ju Sun

This book features 2 Dolls and 16 elegant costumes.

The costumes were all adapted from fashion plates in early issues (1838-1858) of the popular 19th-century women’s magazine, Godey’s.

This collection includes an outdoor ensemble trimmed in fur and a bridal gown of ruffles and lace.

So much great beauty from this era which is known for elegance and the proper clothing to reflect social standing.

32 Pages


Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s

Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s (Dover)Check Price

Victorian Paper Dolls from the Boston Children’s Museum

This book reproduces in full-color 2 historic cut-out paper dolls and 30 authentic and exquisite costumes. All of the artwork was drawn from the paper doll collection of the Boston Children’s Museum.

The dolls and outfits were originally published in the Boston Herald’s Sunday supplements during 1895-96.

To own this book would be like owning a part of history! This would truly be the perfect way to teach about the fashion of the late 1800’s.

32 Pages


Elegant Debutante Gowns of the 1800s Paper Dolls

Elegant Debutante Gowns of the 1800s Paper Dolls (Dover)Check Price

Victorian Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

These 2 Debutante Paper Dolls are poised for their introduction to high society.

Spanning the years from 1840 through 1900, this collection of fashions feature 16 opulent gowns for the debutantes “coming out” parties.

The exquisite assortment of accurately rendered costumes includes crinolines, corsets, bustles, and other accessories. Everything a girl from the era would require.

32 Pages


Godey’s Fashions Paper Dolls

Godey’s Fashions Paper Dolls 1860-1879 (Dover)Check Price

Victorian Paper Dolls by Ming-Ju Sun

This book includes 2 Paper Dolls and 16 Costumes.

Lovely mid-Victorian era costumes that have been faithfully rendered from the publication that was the “last word” on clothing styles of the period. The costumes include elegant evening dresses, bridal gowns, and daytime wear.

Outfits are accompanied by hats and fanciful hair styles of the Victorian era.

32 Pages


Great Fashion Designs of the Victorian Era Paper Dolls

Great Fashion Designs of the Victorian Era Paper Dolls in Full Color: Papers Dolls in Full Color (Dover) by Tom Tierney (2000-01-02)Check Price

Victorian Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

This detailed book offers 2 dolls and 28 costumes including Queen Victoria’s wedding gown.

Tom Tierney is an expert in creating gorgeous designs for paper doll play. They are actually so lovely, you may well end up preferring to keep them for a collection of paper doll books, instead of removing the costumes and dolls for play.

Perhaps, you may desire to purchase two books. One for collecting and one for play.

32 Pages in Full Color



Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper’s Bazaar

Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper’s Bazar, 1867-1898 (Dover)Check Price

By Theodore Menten

There are 4 Paper Dolls and 28 Victorian style costumes in this book.

The outfits included in this book are adaptations of designs originally featured in the renowned Harper’s Bazaar.

The costumes include walking suits, carriage dresses, evening and seasonal attire, a bridal gown, and accessories. A very diverse and comprehensive selection of outfits that are representative of Victorian attire.

32 Pages


Early Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls

Early Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls (History of Costume)Check Price

Victorian Collection by Tom Tierney

The paper Dolls in this collection are a Victorian-era couple.

The book includes 1 gentleman and 1 lady.

This book features 16 costumes that include capes, cloaks and two-piece suits for the gentleman. Plus, modest day dresses, elegant off-the-shoulder evening wear, and a lovely wedding gown for the lady. As one would expect, a wardrobe fit for the fashionable couples from historical times.

Together, they make a beautiful couple properly outfitted for the Victorian era they represent.

32 Pages
Late Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls (History of Costume) by Tom Tierney (1998-06-09)Check Price

Late Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls

Victorian Collection by Tom Tierney

This is another book that features a Victorian Era Couple.

The dolls include 1 Gentleman and 1 Lady.

Meticulously researched and engagingly rendered costumes. Tom Tierney provided this young couple with a stylish wardrobe of elegant evening wear, handsome daytime clothing, and colorful accessories that include bowler hats, straw hats, fans, and more.

32 Pages
Victorian Family Paper Dolls (Dover)Check Price

Victorian Family Paper Dolls

By Brenda Sneathen Mattox

This family of Paper Dolls includes 4 Dolls with 38 costumes. Enough clothes to dress the entire family.

Attire for several seasons includes bathing costumes and winter coats.

Costumes range from a formal wedding to a friendly game of lawn croquet.

32 Pages


Victorian Mouse Paper Dolls

Victorian Mouse Paper Dolls in Full ColorCheck Price


All of the ladies and gentlemen are fabulously dressed in all of the books previously featured, but I can’t help myself. I simply love the little Victorian Mouse paper dolls.

They are oh, so very adorably endearing!


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Victorian Paper Dolls are Fun & Educational!

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