Everyday Toy Tea Sets for Children

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Everyday Toy Tea Sets Are Great Gifts for Children

Toy Tea Sets for Children

The “Green Toys Tea Set” is Featured Below

Everyday toy tea sets are great for children of all ages and can be tucked into a toy box without worry. These are not for collecting, but, you might be surprised by how awesome the sets are and by how much even you will enjoy the fun times together. Don’t hesitate to buy an extra set and leave it in the box just in case more “guests” arrive.

As your child grows you can encourage “luncheons” with friends, tea parties and after noon informal teas. This is all for fun of course, but it gives you an opportunity to teach social etiquette without it feeling the least bit instructional.

The primary reason to encourage a tea is to allow your child the kind of experience we have when we sit with friends and talk about our day. This may be imaginary friends, dolls, bears, etc. or perhaps Mom and Dad will be invited now and then.


Engaging Conversation – Don’t Be Too Busy For This


 Vilac 14 Piece Tin Tea SetCheck Price


Why not let your child make their own tea party invitations and hand them out to family or friends. If you are invited to your child’s tea time, let your child see you put it on your calendar and make it as important as any other appointment you have scheduled in your day. When a child invites a grown up to the sacred space of a tea party, this can only mean the child is asking for some encouragement in the process of the tea time and some real voices to enrich the process.

Being invited to a tea party also means the child trusts you with a very important and very special time in their day. So, honor your invitation and be on time. Or call if you are running a little late.


Fisher Price Laugh Learn Say Please

There are so many reasons a tea party is such a valuable role play time experience!

Give your child the advantages of building communication skills through playtime.

 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea SetCheck Price


Role Play For Real Life – Engaging in real role play as your child plays

Remember it isn’t just a ‘play time’ it is a time for learning about the real world and your participation can mirror some aspect of the real version of the same thing. Think about when your child grows up and is having luncheon or tea with a client, or boss.

What kind of experience would that be?

What kind of skills would your child need in order to engage in that ‘meeting’ authentically and joyfully?


Alex Toys Tea Set Basket

This adorable toy tea set comes with a basket to carry and store the tea set and dishes. This set includes the porcelain teapot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, a creamer, 4 cups & saucers, a tablecloth and 4 napkins.


 ALEX Toys – Pretend & Play, Tea Set Basket, 709WCheck Price


Encourage Communication Skills Through Role Play – Enthusiasts Love This One

Give your child the tools to engage in this important time of each day and encourage communication (real or imagined) as well as being available if your child wants to spontaneously invite you to tea as well. Some of the most enjoyable teas are unplanned and simply spontaneous.


More Everyday Toy Tea Sets

There are several styles of everyday toy tea sets available. You selection and preference will depend largely on the age of the child. The Green Toys set is safe for 24 months and up, the plastic butterfly set by Melissa & Doug is safe for children 3 years and up, while the porcelain set is for older children.

Many of the sets are made for small hands. Be sure to check the actual size of the teacup before purchasing so you will not be disappointed by the size upon receipt. Older children will need larger cups than toddlers.

 Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Tea Set (15 pcs) – Play Food AccessoriesCheck Price Small World Toys Living – It’s a Party Porcelain 12-pc Miniature Tea SetCheck Price Green Toys Tea Set – BPA Free, Phthalates Free Play ToysCheck Price



Very Colorful Toy Tea Set

 Le Toy Van Honeybake Tea Set – Strawberry DesignCheck Price



What Colors Styles Materials Would You Like Your Tea Set To Be?

 Plan Toy Tea Set(Solid Wood Version)Check Price

Enter a search for the kind of tea set you desire to give to your child. You are sure to find the color, style, and design you are seeking. Is the tea set you are thinking of one you had when you were a child or one you have seen?

Think about the color, design, style, and use descriptive terms to search for it in the box provided below.


These toy tea sets may not seem like toy treasures, but the time spent with your child will be time you both treasure forever!



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  1. How cute. Love the strawberry tea set. I have been surrounded by boys most of my life (2 brothers, 2 sons, 5 grandsons), but I DID have one little girl (now all grown up) who enjoyed tea parties with teddy bears and, occasionally, ‘mom’. To be invited to a child’s tea party is a definite honor as a parent. Even ‘dad’ sat down a time or two in the tiny wooden chairs at daughter’s play table & chairs set for a ‘spot of tea’ and some cookies. 🙂

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