Christmas Beanie Babies

Beanie Baby ReindeerChristmas Beanie Babies Make Great Stocking Stuffers

For many years now, I have included a beanie baby in my children’s Christmas stockings.  The Christmas Beanie Babies are always so cute with their little heads poking out of the top of the stocking, as if they are watching for Christmas morning and their child, with great anticipation.

Our love for Christmas Beanie Babies started over 20 years ago when I took our son to have his Christmas photo made at Wal-Mart.  Beanie Babies were fairly new on the market then and the photographer had a Beanie Baby dinosaur that he handed our son to hold for his picture.  My son loved that dinosaur so much, that when the photo session was over, we promptly purchased a Beanie Baby dinosaur.  Now Christmas Beanie Babies are a part of every Christmas morning.


Most Popular Christmas Beanie Baby

Find the most popular Christmas Beanie Babies you can buy

Ty Beanie Boos Comet – ReindeerCheck Price

Now I ask you, what child wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas morning to find one of Santa’s reindeer left in their stocking!

This adorable little reindeer peeking out will draw every eye in the room and touch every heart as this little fellow seems to be begging for a hug.

Beanie Boos are different from the original Beanie Babies, but they are every bit as precious with their big eyes that seem to melt your heart at first glance.


More Christmas Beanie Baby Reindeer

Christmas Beanie Babies

Here are a few reindeer from the original style of beanie babies.  They are always so loveable.  We all love them, but children especially adore Beanie Babies.  I think is it because they are so soft and so very easy to hold.  The longer body beanies, like Sleighbelle (the green reindeer) below, seem to simply wrap around your hand when holding one, endearing themselves to you.  A natural response to holding a Beanie Baby is to pull it to your face and feel the soft fur against your cheek.  I bet we have all seen babies do that very thing!

 TY Classic Snocap ReindeerCheck Price Ty Beanie Babies Sleighbelle – Reindeer GreenCheck Price TY Holiday Baby Beanie – FREEZER the ReindeerCheck Price


More Highly Rated Christmas Beanie Babies

Ty Beanie Babies – Zero the Holiday Penguin

Playful penguins are always cute!  These festive little fellows are extremely popular with kids and adults alike.

The little penguins would truly be among the “sweetest” additions to Christmas stockings, gifts and decor!  After all, everyone wants to frolic and have fun with penguins.

 Ty Beanie Babies – Zero the Holiday PenguinCheck Price



More Popular Christmas Beanie Babies

Beanie baby moose

TY Beanie Baby – MOOSLETOE the Moose

These Christmas Beanie Babies have a way of touching your heart with just a look, just a touch.  You feel you have found a friend and companion for life.

 Ty Beanie Babies Moosletoe – MooseCheck Price


More Christmas Moose Beanie Babies

Christmas Beanie Babies

The Beanie Baby moose are so very cute!  They always look like they are smiling at you and that alone will cheer you each time you see one.  Like all Beanie Babies, the moose are soft and cuddly.  These guys have their antlers decorated for Christmas.  The green and red accents truly do add festive cheer to their basic brown color.

 Ty Beanie Babies Harold – MooseCheck Price TY Beanie Baby – TRIMMINGS the MooseCheck Price


Snowman Christmas Beanie Babies

Snowmen Have Always Been Popular Christmas Beanie Babies

Everyone love an adorable snowman, but normally we don’t run up and give them a hug.  Mostly, because they would be extremely cold to hug, but also we might damage them.  Even to the extreme of melting them with our warm bodies.

This snowman Beanie Baby is a snowman we can hold close and hug all we want without worrying that we will damage or melt him.

 Ty Pluffies Windchill – SnowmanCheck Price


Most Popular Christmas Beanie Babies

 Ty Beanie Babies – 1997 Holiday Teddy BearCheck Price
1997 Holiday Teddy Bear Beanie Baby

The Beanie Baby Bears have always been among the most popular Beanie Babies and the Holiday Teddy Bear is certainly no exception.  He has been loved and cherished by several generations now.

Either of these Beanie Baby Bears would be precious peering out of the top of a stocking or wrapped as a special gift for your little Teddy Bear lover.

The hardest part will be choosing which color you want for Christmas.  The standard brown Teddy Bear in his red hat and scarf is hard to beat, but the snowflakes and holly sure a cute!


Holiday Teddy Bear Beanie Babies

Adding a little twist to the traditional Teddy bear, each of these teddies are made with the basic same pattern, but they look very different because of the fabric selections.  Snowflakes or holly; ribbon or scarf;  they are all adorable precious.  You may well find you “need” them all!

 Ty Beanie Babies – Flaky the BearCheck Price TY BEANIE BABY 1999 Holiday Bear BEANIES BabiesCheck Price TY 1998 Holiday Teddy Beanie Baby [Toy]Check Price


Hello Kitty Christmas Beanie Babies

Hello Kitty has Christmas Style!

The Hello Kitty Beanie Baby is “huggably” adorable!  Many of us love Hello Kitty anything, but as a Beanie Baby she is especially lovable.  Decked out in her red and green bow and scarf, she is clearly ready for sharing her holidays with you.

 Ty Beanie Babies Hello Kitty – Red Christmas OutfitCheck Price


Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Beanie Babies

Christmas Beanie Babies

Our favorite cartoon characters make adorable Christmas Beanie Babies!

Alvin and the Chipmunks are just too cute as collectible beanie babies and Spongebob is, as always, a delightfully fun beanie baby.

 Ty Beanie Babies – Alvin & the Chipmunks Set of 3 (Alvin, Simon & Theodore with Holiday Hats)Check Price


Spongebob Christmas Beanie Babies

Joining Spongebob is his always faithful friend, Patrick.  I suspect every Spongebob fan would want both Spongebob and Patrick.  Actually, I know they would.  My own son is a huge Spongebob fan.  Together, or separate, they would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the Spongebob enthusiast.

 Ty Beanie Babies SpongeBob – Jolly ElfCheck Price Ty Beanie Babies – Patrick ClausCheck Price



Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo & Pooh with Christmas Hats

Scooby Doo is truly awesome in his Santa Christmas Hat!

He is always a fun-loving fellow and he definitely looks ready for Christmas.  I can easily imagine the face of a child when they discover Scooby peeking out of their stocking on Christmas morning.

Pooh is always precious and I love his fancy Christmas hat.

Either of these Beanie Babies would be awesome additions to Christmas!  What could be better than combining our favorite cartoon character with the plush softness of a Beanie Baby.

 Ty Beanie Baby – Disney Christmas Holiday (Winnie the Pooh Bear) (Walgreens Exclusives)Check Price Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo with Christmas HatCheck Price


I Love All of the Christmas Beanie Babies!


 Ty Baby Beanies Dickens – Mouse
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