Radio Flyer Wagons

 It seems like Radio Flyer Wagons have been around forever!

While it may be true that dinosaurs did not ride around in Radio Flyer Wagons, every living human today has most likely ridden in one and so have a lot of cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, turtles, etc.

When I was little, my siblings and I would take turns riding or pulling the wagon so one another could ride. I am not sure which I preferred myself, riding or being the wagon’s “horse”.

Many of us can remember filling our Radio Flyer Wagon with an assortment of stuffed animals or dolls and taking them for a ride too.

Radio Flyer Wagons are Not Just for Child’s Play

 Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo WagonCheck PriceRadio Flyer Wagons are a whole lot of fun, but in our household, they have been used for some very practical reasons too. Because of their sturdy construction, Radio Flyer wagons have been used for otherwise backbreaking chores.

One of the first gifts our daughter ever received was a Radio Flyer Wagon for Christmas. As a child, she loved riding around the block in her wagon.

As an adult, she has used it several times when moving, and I have even borrowed it to tote my plants from the car to the backyard. I also use it to move the rocks and concrete containers in my flower beds and on my patio. All the debris washes right off and the wagon looks good as new.

Many times, that wagon has saved my body, and certainly my back, from unwanted aches and pains. Oh, but please don’t tell my daughter about the rocks. She might feel her precious childhood wagon was rather abused by toting rocks, but I can assure you, no wagon was harmed in the toting of those rocks.


Award Winning Wagon

Not only was the Classic Radio Flyer Wagon an award winner of the Parents Magazine Toy Hall of Fame, but they are truly award winners with us for their versatility and all out fun that spans many generations.

Here are a few more current day variations of the Radio Flyer Wagon that are available on the market today.

 Radio Flyer Passport Wagon Full-sized Wagon with Compact Convenience Model 3300Check Price Radio Flyer: Ultimate Family WagonCheck Price Radio Flyer 32 All-Terrain Steel and Wood WagonCheck Price


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  1. Ruthi says:

    Oh yes! I’ve taken and given a few rides in a Flyer! Even the modern day Wagons are great, all kids should have one!

  2. Every year at state fair time we wish we still owned a Red Flyer

  3. We got our son a Radio Flyer wagon the Christmas he was 3 and he loved it. I remember we had to go to a neighbor and ‘borrow’ tools to put it together late Christmas Eve (because we had virtually no tools – my hubby was NOT a Mr. Fix-it). 🙂

  4. Mandee says:

    Yes! (Raising hand and waving wildly!) I have ridden in, pulled and toted with a Radio Flyer wagon! As have my husband and kids. They are truly a toy for the generations!

  5. Susan says:

    Now what family hasn’t had a Radio Flyer red wagon? And all with great memories as well. I love the woodie version. Reminds me of a surf-bum station wagon.
    So glad no rocks were harmed, err, wagons harmed!

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