Halloween Beanie Babies

Halloween Beanie BabiesBeanie Babies are Great Halloween Treats!

Yes, I admit it! I have been in love with Beanie Babies for years! Their soft, little sweet faces just draw me in and beg me to hug them close.

I also happen to love Halloween. When Ty combined Halloween and Beanie Babies my fate was sealed. I absolutely must have every Halloween Beanie Baby! Not only do I need them, but I feel it is my duty to find good and loving homes for all Halloween Beanie Babies!

If you promise to love and cherish these little guys as I do, then your home will be deemed suitable to adopt your own Halloween Beanie Baby.

Halloween Beanie Babies make excellent Halloween treats for your favorite trick or treaters too, but do be careful. You will want to be selective about the little hands you place these precious collectibles in. I know I have chosen the right trick-or-treater when they squeal with joy over their treat and proceed to kiss the beanie.


Most Popular Halloween Beanie Baby

Find the most popular Halloween Beanie Babies

Now I ask you, doesn’t this little guy just scream “take me home with you!”

Bats are not always adorable, but this little Halloween Beanie Baby Bat stole my heart the first time I laid eyes on him.

Resistance is futile! One cannot resist adoring the Halloween Beanie Baby Bat.

Ty Beanie Boos Midnight BatClick for More Information



More Halloween Beanie Baby Bats

Scarem Beanie Baby and Bat-E Beanie Baby both want to come home to you!

Either of the little bat beanie babies are adorable and they desire to wrap the wings around your finger, or is it you who will end up wrapped around their fingers.

Ty Beanie Babies BAT-e – Bat (Ty Store Exclusive)See More Ty Beanie Babies Scarem – BatSee More



Highest Rated Halloween Beanie Baby

You can find the highest rated Halloween Beanie Baby of all time right here on Toy Treasures.

Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo With Witch Hat

Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo With Witch HatCheck Price

Since the cartoon character, Scooby Doo has been popular for decades, it is no surprise that he tops the list of the most popular Halloween Beanie Babies. Scooby Doo always brings a smile to the face, but decked out in his witches hat for Halloween, causes one to really laugh out loud! You can just see and feel his boundless energy wrapped up in this soft plush toy collectible.

Do beware! Scooby Doo will definitely put a spell on you!


Scooby Doo Beanie Baby and Alacazam Beanie Baby

The Scooby Doo in the with hat might be extremely popular, but there are a few other Beanie Baby Halloween dogs that are also loved. The Ty Beanie Baby Alacazam Dog with Witch Hat is precious. Who wouldn’t want that pretty pup to come home with them.

Another doggie favorite Beanie Baby is another Ty SCOOBY-DOO. This one looks like he is ready to go trick-or-treating himself with his plush pumpkin bag. This Halloween Version was released as a Walgreens exclusive. If you are fortunate, you just be still be able to get one yourself even though Walgreens was long ago sold out.

Either of these puppies are precious and would be happy to be adopted by you.

Ty Beanie Baby Alacazam Dog with Witch HatCheck Price TY Beanie Baby – SCOOBY-DOO the Dog (Halloween Version – Walgreens Exclusive)Check Price

Popular Halloween Beanie Baby

Ty Beanie Boo Buddy Ghosty Ghost

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a friendly ghost and you certainly won’t stand a ghost of a chance against this little guy. He is sure to haunt your thoughts until he gets his desired hug!

He will also be happy to follow you wherever you go!

Ty Beanie Boo Buddy Ghosty GhostCheck Price


More Halloween Beanie Baby Ghosts

Spooky Halloween Beanie Baby

Here are a few more of the fabulous Halloween Ghost Beanie Babies. Both are named “Spooky”. The ghost on the left holding the pumpkin is simply a newer released version.

I don’t know about you, but there is a part of me that is still loyal to the original Spooky, even though the new one is positively precious.

Ty Beanie Baby Spooky Ghost with PumpkinCheck Price Ty Beanie Babies Spooky – GhostCheck Price


Favorite Halloween Beanie Baby – Favored Above All Others

TY Beanie Baby – BARON VAN PYRE the Bear

Beanie Baby Bears have always been among the most popular and highly favored Beanie Babies. This Vampire Beanie Baby Bear is definitely among the favored of the Halloween Beanie Baby Collection.

No one would mind lying down to rest in peace with this vampire! He can be trusted to not bite.

Ty Beanie Babies Baron Van Pyre – BearCheck Price

More Halloween Beanie Baby Bears

It Was Just Too Difficult to Choose Just One!

All of the bears dressed for Halloween are awesome! The Shutter Ghost Bear is simply hilarious with is ghost sheet and trick-or-treat bag. The Skeleton Bear and Pumpkin Bear are equally adorable. Either would make a great treat.

The multi-colored Beanie Baby Bears are always highly sought. This Frankenteddy is a truly adorable design just for Halloween. Every time I see him, I think he is my favorite, but then I look at one of the others and I seriously cannot choose a personal favorite myself.

Ty Beanie Babies Frankenteddy – BearCheck Price Ty Beanie Baby – Boneses – Skeleton Bear/Treats – Pumpkin Bear (Colors May Vary)Check Price Ty Beanie Babies – Shutters Ghost BearCheck Price


Black Cat Halloween Beanie Baby

You Can’t Have Halloween Without the Traditional Black Cat. Everything about the design of this kitty cat, from the top of his witch hat to the tips of his orange paws is charming and delightful.

The TY Beanie Baby, Frightful the Black Cat, was a Borders Exclusive when it was first released. Like the Walgreen’s exclusive above, this Beanie Baby was long ago sold out. Right now, there is one available on Amazon. If you want him, I do recommend you buy him now. I have no doubt he will become very scarce.

Go Ahead! Cuddle up with this adorable kitty! This soft and friendly pretty kitty could never be bad luck!

Ty Beanie Babies Frightful – Black Cat (Borders Exclusive)Check Price

Do It Yourself Halloween Beanie Baby Costume

Just in case you would like to dress as a Halloween Beanie Baby for Halloween yourself, I am including this video tutorial on how to make your own Beanie Baby Halloween costume. It really is a very cute idea and a pretty easy costume to make if you are comfortable with a sewing machine and a hot glue gun.

Links to YouTube Video and Pattern:



Don’t Forget Your Ty Treat Bag!

This is obviously not a Ty Beanie Baby, but it is a Halloween Ty Plush that you may well wish to add to your collection or use when trick-or-treating. The 11″ Plush Pumpkin Bag is Perfect for Trick or Treating on Halloween.

TY Classics Treats/Bag O’ Tricks pumpkin bagCheck Price


Hello Kitty Dracula Halloween Beanie Baby

An Adorable Combination of Kitty Cat, Vampire and Bat

Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty DraculaCheck Price

The Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty Dracula is featured above, but there are actually several Hello Kitty Beanie Babies. Hello Kitty loves Halloween and costumes! She is also available dressed as a devil, a witch and a black cat.

Either of the Hello Kitty Halloween collectibles is adorable dressed in their Halloween costumes! I would imagine all Hello Kitty fans would want one of each. I know my own Hello Kitty fan simply had to have them all.

Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty Red DevilCheck Price Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty WitchCheck Price Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty With Cat Outfit And CandyCheck Price


Halloween Beanie Baby Collection

The really great thing about Beanie Babies is that you really can purchase and own several different Beanie Babies without breaking the bank. They are most definitely reasonably priced.

The Halloween Beanie Baby collection is easily among my own personal favorites of the Ty collections. All of them are fantastic, they are the perfect surprise gift, the perfect special treat for Halloween, and they are always easy to love.


I Love All of the Halloween Beanie Babies, But I Do Have A Favorite
Do You Have a Favorite Halloween Beanie Baby?

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