Tonka Classic Steel Dump Truck Vehicle

Tonka Steel Dump TruckFor many generations, children have played with Tonka toys.   An all time favorite is the Tonka steel dump truck.  I have many fond memories of stacking my Barbie dolls in my little brother’s Tonka dump truck and letting him take them for a ride.  My own son enjoyed loading his dump truck with sand or his Matchbox cars and “moving” them across the room all at once.

Even though the trucks are not made exactly like the Tonka toys from 50 years ago, they are still built tough for heavy-duty play.


The Tonka Steel Dump Truck

Today’s Tonka Dump trucks still have a metal bed for loading and dumping, but the rest is made of heavy-duty plastic.  Otherwise, it is very much like the toys of old.  It is still the classic yellow color we all associate with fabulous Tonka toys.  Plus, the bed lifts and dumps like the original.

 Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck VehicleCheck Price

It is almost 17″ from the front grill to the back of the bed and 10″ wide.  Therefore, it is a nice, large size just right for a little boy or girl.  Plus, it has plenty of room in the bed to carry lots of treasures and stuff.   Tonka toys make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion.   I have no doubt this updated version will be just as cherished and loved as those from fifty years ago.


Additional Tonka Toys

After the first gift, you may want to follow with more fun Tonka toys that make great coordinating construction play vehicles.  Use the end loader to fill the dump truck and the grader to smooth and flatten “dirt”.  The perfect way for play to replicate real life.

 Tonka 90697 Classic Steel Front End Loader VehicleCheck Price Tonka Steel Grader VehicleCheck Price



Steel Tonka Toy Dump Trucks

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  1. My oldest son is in his early 50s and he had Tonka trucks beginning at age one. He had a whole collection of them as the years went by, and played with them constantly, both indoors and out. They were his favorite toys. I wish we still had them.

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