Remote Controlled Racing Cars

Remote Controlled Racing Cars Are Every Child’s Dream

Remote Control CarsWhy does every child want remote controlled racing cars? Because the ability to control or make something move without touching it amazes the human mind and its perception about the physical world. Remote controlled racing cars give us this ability, plus it entertains us by letting us control something without using wires.

In fact even adults are eager to own and play with remote controlled racing cars. And, why not live your fantasy! RC cars are speed and fun without any danger.

Grab yourself a remote controlled racing car, or two, and have a great outing with your kids. By the way, these toys are very affordable, so happy racing!

Mini RC Kart Rider / RC Mini Racing CarCheck Price



The Best Remote Controlled Racing Cars

Hot Wheels is a name we all know and love. Just seeing the Hot Wheels decal makes this rc car a favorite with adults and children alike. Seriously, who doesn’t dream of having their own speeding Hot Wheels car.

This racing car may only be 3 inches long but it is a real goer. The car is actually capable of folding flat and transforms easily into a fully functioning racing car. The radio controller doubles as a carrying case so your little racer can take it anywhere. Also available in red.

Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Ford Fiesta RallyCheck Price



RC Mercedes Speed Demon 4WD Racing Car Radio Remote Control 1:10 COLORS MAY VARYCheck Price

Popular Remote Controlled Racing Cars

They say you can never go wrong with Mercedes and this little racing car certainly stands the test.

This remote control car is a firm favorite with car enthusiasts, it can reach speeds up to 18mph and even has working headlights. Comfortable pistol grip controller for easy handling.

Reviewers report it is easy to manipulate and a joy to play with. Sturdy and strong, with lots of functions like brake lights and turn indicators.


Top Rated Remote Controlled Racing Cars

For the really serious RC car racer, this popular racing car is a sure winner with everyone. If it is performance that drives your selection and not just looks or brand names, this will be the one you want.

I could talk about torque-control – slipper clutch – sealed differentials – rubber-sealed ball bearings – and metric hex hardware through out – but I wouldn’t have a clue what that meant. Instead I’ll tell you this little car has fantastic handling and has great control.

Traxxas RTR 1/16 E-Revo VXL 4WD 2.4GHz with Battery and ChargerCheck Price



Sonic and Sega Remote Controlled Racing Cars

Sonic the Hedgehog and all of the Sega All Stars have been popular for decades. He is truly a beloved character. Every child wants to own Sonic the Hedgehog and the fabulous sidekick, Knuckles.

These remote controlled cars gave everyone an opportunity to bring Sonic and Knuckles off the screen and into their homes as they speed around the living room or their driveways outside. I always feel like I should hear little ding sounds and music when driving these cars!

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Remote Controlled Car – Sonic The HedgehogCheck Price Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Remote Controlled Car: Knuckles The EchidnaCheck Price


Set of Sega All Stars Racing Cars

You may wish to also include Shadow the Hedgehog on his RC controlled racing motorcycle.

Ok, granted! I know a motorcycle is not a car, but I felt like all Sonic the Hedgehog fans would want to see and consider including Shadow on his motorcycle in with their collection of remote control vehicle collections. It seems almost a shame to have Sonic and Knuckles in their cars without also having Shadow on his motorcycle.

All-Stars Racing Shadow the Hedgehog Electric RC Motorcycle RTRCheck Price



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Remote Control Racing Cars

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  1. Big and little boys + CARS = fun. Remote control cars have long been popular with the boys (and men) in my family. Great selection you have here.

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