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Lego Board Games are Fun with Friends & FamilyBoard games have always been a family favorite in our home and LEGO Board Games are amazing for all ages. There are so many LEGO fans these days (in multiple generations) so now more than ever this is a great way to spend time together.

Board games have a lot more person to person interaction than the newest kinds of electronic games. While a board game isn’t going to replace electronic games, I believe it still has a place in the family game night. Or, maybe a family game and dinner night combo event.

There are several things to do with the family on a regular basis which will give you time to reconnect and spend quality time together. A couple of them are at the table. So why not have a family dinner and game night. Everyone at the table to eat, share, talk, and play. LEGO board games are lighthearted and will give each family member something interesting and enjoyable to do together.

Of course, the Lego board games are also great to play with friends!


LEGO Creationary Board Game

One of the best LEGO building games is the Creationary board game. This game is recommended for ages 7 and over. Creationary is suited for 3 – 8 players and game play is about an hour. Playing this board game is such a fabulous and fun way to spend time with family or friends using imagination, creativity, and building skills.

Creationary is similar to Pictionary. A simply roll of the dice determines the category of the item the player will be building. As the player builds their wonderful Lego creation, the other players try to guess what is being built. Also, there are 3 levels of difficulty to the game to test your imagination, creativity & skill.

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LEGO Hogwarts Game

Harry Potter has a lot of fans! This is a great game for them to build a LEGO board and play. Some of the most popular characters for the “Harry Potter” books are included as mini-figures. Customization of the game board is as much fun as playing the game.

You start by building the board game itself. Even the dice for the game is built out of Legos. After the board has been built, players choose one of four colored microfigures. There is a microfigure from each of the four Hogwarts Houses. Keep in mind, Hogwarts is a school. A unique school, but still a school. The objective of the game is to finish your “homework” first in order to win the game. Players collect four items from four different classrooms. One player wins by being the first to return to their common room with all four schoolroom items intact.

This game is recommended for 2 – 4 players ages 8 – 14, but this is a game for all ages of Harry Potter and LEGO fans. Like all of the Lego board games, this game provides a way to build skills in game strategy, imagination, creativity. The Harry Potter Howarts Lego board game would certainly be fun for the whole family.

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Lego Minotaurus Board Game

A fabulous family game night game for LEGO fans age 7 and over. Customers have been saying the kids want to play this game ‘every night’ or ‘constantly’, so it is sure to be a big hit to keep the family together when you want to create a family game night tradition.

Minotaurus is a labyrinth type board game. The Minotaur is the central character for this strategy game as he protects the treasure of the hidden temple. The objective is to get to the center of the game board without being stumped or blocked by the Minotaur or your opponents. Minotauras encourages creative thinking, strategy, and is sure to give your family plenty of game night fun.

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Lego Monster 4 Game

Lego Monster 4 game is a spooky monster and graveyard themed board game for LEGO fans over the age of 7. As with many of the LEGO building games, the best part about this game is that you can follow the instruction book or build a custom board. You can follow the suggested game rules, or make up your own rules. Simplicity and fun for your family game night. Lego monsters are sure to be a hit with any LEGO fans.

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LEGO Pirate Code Game

Come aboard mateys and test your skill with the pirates code. Pirate Code is exactly what it implies. It is a game of pirates codes. You try to guess your opponents secret codes before they guess yours. Logical thinking skills are promoted while players have fun building, playing, and becoming the Pirate Captain!

Customers are saying this is a fun Pirate Treasure game with challenges for everyone ages 8 and over. Therefore, you can make this a family game night treat so you can spend time together. At the same time, you will give each player fun and challenging game play.

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More Lego Board Games

The Lego creators are constantly coming up with new Lego sets and fun Lego games. You can search for more Lego board games by clicking here!


Share These Lego Board Games with Friends & Family

Lego Board Games are Great Fun Building and Playing!

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