Best Jellycat Soft Books for Children

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Jellycat BooksWhen you want to start your baby off with a great book, then the BEST Jellycat Soft Books for Babies is the perfect place to start. Jellycat makes amazing soft books so your child can begin to enjoy the world of reading a lot sooner.

Books should be entertaining and Jellycat Soft Books are sure to entertain any baby or toddler by stimulating their senses.

Soft books allow you to clean them so you can rest assured your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience with the soft and exciting Jellycat soft books.


Jungle Tails Book 8″ by Jellycat

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Books, Jungly TailsCheck Price

Jellycat soft books are adorable, durable and will delight babies as well as toddlers.

There are many to choose from and the following page will explore the best and most popular to start your collection. Later on this page you can find a place to search for more available titles to expand your collection as well.

Give books at any age without the concerns you would have with traditional books. Not only that, Jellycat soft books have added elements (textures for example) which you wouldn’t find in a traditional book but babies are intrigued by the added design elements and become more interested in playing and turning the pages to find out what is coming up next. Sounds a bit like adults reading a great book.


My Peek A Baby Book 6″ by Jellycat

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Books, Peek A BabyCheck Price

If you thought ‘peek-a-boo’ was fun you are going to really love this!

You instill a love for books when you interact with the book and your child to provide them with a reference point. The main thing to teach at an early age is how fun books can be. The energy and time you spend introducing your baby to books now as well as engaging in fun and imaginative play, will work together so as your child grows up they will feel natural around books.

Opening the world of books to a child (or any person actually) may be one of the most treasured gifts you can give. The world of books will provide growing children with a place to go to find out about the world, about imagination, about creativity, and most of all a place where one can retreat and refresh so they can more easily begin each new day refreshed and inspired.


Jellycat Pet Tails

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Books, Puppy TailsCheck Price Doinshop Animal Tails Cloth Book Baby Education Toys Learning Picture Cognize (Kitty Tails)Check Price


Teaching becomes a lot more interesting when you have books to help you with sharing concepts. Jellycat has a great pet book for babies with the pets you may find in a petting zoo. Stories and images to provide you with enough imagination starters so you can create stories and entertain your baby.

The best part is when you are done reading, singing, playing, and enjoying each other’s company… you can give your baby the book and let him play alone awhile thinking about the time you have shared together and turning the pages of the book.


Jellycat Farm Tails

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Books, Farm TailsCheck Price

Take your baby to a soft book farm to meet the animals and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the crib. This would be a great primer for actual trips to the farm. Or a way to provide interesting ideas and later reinforce them when you have encountered actual farm animals. Take the Jellycat Farm Tales soft book with you when driving in the car.

Show your baby the page where the cows are (or another animal you anticipate seeing on your drive). Then when you are approaching the animal’s home you can point out “there is a cow just like the one in your book”


Jellycat Goodnight Book

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Books, Goodnight BabyCheck Price

Jellycat brand is dedicated to creating toys, books, and other supplies which comply with child safety.

Connecting books with real life can also add to your child’s connection with books and the world around him. Your contribution to encourage and model interaction is priceless at this time. Babies are so enthusiastic and ready to learn. Spend time showing them a way they can expand their knowledge even in times when you have a bit of time away now and then.

Encourage friends, family, and care takers to apply some of these interactive ideas when they are with your child as well. This way the baby finds out early how important books are as they see all of the grown ups around them engaging and enjoying the Jellycat soft books. You will be engaging your child’s natural curiosity and giving her tools to explore and learn.

There are many other Jellycat Soft Books available. I only featured a few of my favorites.

 Jellycat Soft Cloth Baby Books, Unicorn Tails, 8 inchesCheck Price Here Fashion Pack of 3 Soft Animal Tails Cloth Books for Babies – Colorful Animals Stereoscopic Tails Cloth Books for Baby’s Early Learning Education Book ( Birdy, Naughty Nose& Rainbow Tail )Check Price Jollybaby Baby’s Good Night Soft Cloth Books Set – Baby Early Education Development Learning Toys, Fabric Cloth Colorful Activity Baby Book for Infant Toddlers 1 Years OldCheck Price


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Jellycat Stuffed Animals
You may also enjoy exploring the world of Jellycat Plush Animals!

Jellycat Plush animals are so soft and cuddly. They are sure to become your toddlers constant companion.

You might even enjoy combining the plush animal and the coordinating book for a totally awesome gift!
Click Here to view a selection of Jellycat Plush Animals.

Jellycat soft books

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