Bat Beanie Babies are Perfect for Halloween!


Bat Beanie Babies are truly the perfect treat for Halloween!

I personally love the Ty Beanie Boos Midnight Bat, pictured on the left. His big eyes just beg me to bring him home.

This is one bat I do believe everyone could love. He is soft, cuddly and doesn’t bite! He even promises not to eat your Halloween trick or treat candy.

Beanie Babies for Halloween

Not only are the Bat Beanie Babies great to give as a special treat to that special trick or treater, but they make a totally awesome decoration for Halloween and the Halloween party table.

Do be careful though. This little Beanie Baby Bat is very charming. Before you know it, he will steal a place not only in your home, but in your heart.

Beanie Babies in Our Home

Beanie Babies have been extremely popular for over a decade. I remember well standing in long lines hoping to be able to purchase a new beanie baby for each of my children. Often, I could not get the most sought after Beanie Baby, but I always came home with a new baby for my children and they loved each and every one of them.

Today, buying online certainly makes acquiring the desired Beanie Baby a lot easier. With a simply mouse click, I can have that special beanie shipping and delivered right to my front door. No more long lines for me!

More Halloween Bat Beanie Babies

 TY Batty BatCheck Price

You may well find that one Bat Beanie Baby for Halloween is simply not enough. I know my own children have several Beanie Baby Bats and they do love them all.

As a matter of fact, the light brown Beanie Baby Bat is my daughter’s favorite Beanie Baby in her entire collection of Beanie Babies. He has rested proudly on her bed for many years. I doubt he will ever be displaced, although he may be joined by a few friends.

 TY Beanie Baby – BAT-e the Black Bat (Internet Exclusive)Check Price TY Halloweenie Beanie Baby – SCAREM the BatCheck Price


Host Your Own Beanie Baby Bat Party

Halloween can be such a fun time of the year. Dressing in costumes, Trick or Treating and/or hosting a Halloween party is always exciting for children and adults alike.

Having a Halloween Beanie Baby Bat party would be awesome! Playing a “Win a Bat” Game would be truly entertaining for all and would be the perfect way to give a party souvenir.

Play the Beanie Baby Bat Game

Tape a number on the bottom of each Beanie Baby Bat. Decorate the party room with the numbered Beanie Baby Bats. As the last party game of the evening, allow each attendee to pick a number from a hat or bowl. When the matching number is drawn, let the winning guest take the little bat home as a party treat.

Not only have the bats been great decorations throughout the night, become special treats for each guest, but the game also provides a way for a faster clean up at the end of the party. Everybody, including the bats, wins this game!

 TY Beanie Baby – RADAR the Bat (4th Gen hang tag)Check Price Ty Beanie Babies – Batty the Ty-Dyed BatCheck Price TY Beanie Baby – SCAREM the Halloween BatCheck Price


Bat Beanie Babies

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh my these beanie baby bats are the cutest thing ever. I have a few beanie babies and this would be so unique in my collection. So sweet.

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, my, but these are so cute. I have two bats in my Beanie Babies collection, but not a one of these. Now I have new ones to add in just in time for Halloween.

  3. Mandee says:

    “Batty” is one of our favorites too (the brown one)! We love Beanie Babies of all types at our house and definitely use them to decorate for Halloween!

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