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Remote Controlled SailboatsSailing by Remote?

Sailing enthusiasts young and old love r/c sailboats. They certainly are a lot more affordable and much easier to maintain than their larger counterparts. While we might not be chasing dolphins, we are chasing ducks and turtles.

This is definitely a toy that is more than just a toy. It serves as a link between generations. When it comes to rc sailboats, there is no generation gap.

My husband loves to sail and several years ago, we were in a toy store when he spotted a remote control sailboat. Of course, we purchased it and promptly took it to a nearby lake. We truly had a lot of fun that day, and many days since, sailing that little boat.

My husband has been known to even sail his boat in swimming pools! Sometimes he will even share his remote controller with friends and family, but that is only on rare occasions and only if he is supervising. When it is “out of water”, it serves as part of my kitchen decor.


RC Sailboats

I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of my husband sailing his remote controlled sailboat in a swimming pool.

And you thought I was joking!

I do believe he makes friends with people who have swimming pools in their backyards, just so he can increase his sailing location options. Oh, and the swimming pools must be in pristine condition, or he will not launch his boat there.

Once his venture for the day is complete, he carefully dries his baby off with a cotton cloth, inspects her for damage and gently places her back in her cradle in our kitchen.


Joysway Dragon Force 65

Joysway 2015 Dragon Force 65 (RTR) V3 Ready to Run Sailing Yacht RC SailboatCheck Pri

One Great Choice!

The Joysway Dragon Force 65 is a pretty cool sailboat. It is a splendid little remote controlled sail-boat, but it is not quite ready to sail even though the product description shows RTR. There is some rigging required before you can sail this boat. It is take a few hours to get her ready for the water.

The boat itself measures around 53 inches in height by 5 inch wide and 26 inches long. After she is rigged, you will enjoy many hours of smooth sailing.

Boys young and old will love this little lady.


Sailing Remote Controlled Sailboats

is such a Relaxing Sport


Steerix Catamaran Sailboat

The Steerix Catamaran Sailboat is the remote control sailboat that gets the best ratings from customers, largely due to the lower price tag. The mast and sails come preassembled on this model. She stands 28 inches high to the top of her mast, is 16 inches long and 10 inches wide.

Steerix Fusion Micro Catamaran RTR RC Sailboat Mini Dual Hull Racing Yacht BoatCheck Price


How to Build Your Own Remote Control Sailboat

BUILD YOUR OWN RADIO CONTROLLED YACHT: The Complete Step-by-Step Modelling GuideCheck Price

Learn how to make you own sailboat

My husband loves to build detailed models. While he might not have continued that hobby on his own for so many years, he does very much enjoy sharing time with our son. They can spend days working on minor details that most of us wouldn’t even notice and yes, I proudly display their finished work throughout our home.

He hasn’t seen this book yet! He will be receiving it for Father’s Day and no doubt, the new construction will begin. I am quite certain he will enjoy building his own remote controlled sailboat.

There are always those among us who thrive on creating their own toys and models and this book is designed to help anyone who wants to pick up the challenge.


More Radio Control Sailboats

They are great for young and old alike and will let them indulge their love of the sea with none of the danger (or the expense). They come in a huge variety of styles and prices. Search for you favorite below and be sure check to see if your local areas has a RC sailboat club so you can take part in races with your friends.

Remote control batteries usually last about 5 hours and if you buy rechargeable batteries, this will keep the cost of replacing them down considerably. Or, for convenience, you might want to consider purchasing a backup battery so your fun will not be interrupted.

Joysway Caribbean Mini Sailing Yacht RC Sailboat (Red) RTR Ready to RunCheck Price Thunder Tiger Radio Controlled Voyager III Sailboat KitCheck Price


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