Toys from Fairy Tales

Toys from Fairy TalesBring Fairy Tales to Life with Toys Inspired by Classic Stories!

Which is your favorite fairy tale? Did you know you can make these stories come alive with wonderful games and toys? Cultivate and encourage your little one’s imagination with some great toys, right out of the story books. Every little girl dreams about being a princess and every little boy dreams of vanquishing dragons. They can do all that and more with these fun toys, figures and games.

You are never too old for fairy tales, and you are never too young or too old to indulge in imagination play. So,re-live your own childhood with the joy you see in your children’s eyes as they play with their favorite characters from the storybooks.

PS: Don’t forget, the books themselves are something they will treasure forever.


Cinderella Toys

CinderellaCheck Price

We all know and love the tale of Cinderella — the girl who went from rags and drudgery to a fairy princess. Poor Cinders is left penniless when her father dies, and she’s then at the mercy of her wicked stepmother and her two ugly and jealous stepsisters. She becomes their drudge and servant, but a fairy Godmother transforms her into a beautiful princess to go to the Prince’s ball. Of course, Cinderella and the Prince fall in love and, after a few ups and downs, they live happily ever after. Honestly, you have to read the book for all the little extras to that summary.

This is a beautiful hard-cover edition of the classic fairy tale with delightful illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli. She helps author Sarah L. Thomson capture the tale perfectly. This is a great book to share with your children, one they will treasure and perhaps read to their own children someday.

After you have read the book together, bring the fairy tale to life with the figures, a castle and Cinderella’s lovely horse drawn carriage.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Cinderella GiftsetCheck Price Cinderella Magic Clip Castle Doll HouseCheck Price Disney Princess Cinderella Wedding CarriageCheck Price


Toys from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Another wicked stepmother features in the story of Snow White. Jealous of Snow White’s beauty, the wicked queen sets out to kill Snow White. But Snow White flees and is befriended by 7 dwarfs. She hasn’t escaped though and, in disguise, the witch tricks her into eating a poisoned apple that sends her into a deep sleep. Off course, this story has to have a happy ending with Snow White awakened by a kiss from a handsome Prince.

This hardcover book is another one to treasure. Little Golden Books have always been little treasures in and of themselves. Because they are thin, it is easy to collect them by the dozen. In this Snow White Little Golden Book, they use illustrations from the original Disney film to bring this story to life in vivid color. Your little one will want you to read this again and again.

You can bring the story to life with these figures and accessories. A child’s imagination is endless and magical, so encourage pretend play with these sets.

Can you name the 7 dwarfs? They are all here in this mini set that’s just the right size for little fingers.

Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Snow White Doll – 2012Check Price Disney Store Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs Doll Gift SetCheck Price Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney Princess) (Little Golden Book)Check Price


The Three Little Pigs Toys

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and …” well everyone is familiar with this fairy tale. Of course, the brave little pigs win out over the evil wolf in the end, but you’ll have to read the book to learn the WHOLE story.

Let children build their own little town for the 3 pigs with the charming toy houses as they read the storybook. Of course, if you are really fortunate, they may ask you to read to them while they are building. There is also a soft set for babies and you can tell the story in a way that will teach without scaring them.

For all the world of computers and robots, it’s heartening that these classic children’s stories are as alive as always. Playtime was never so much fun as with these puppets and dolls. Inspire a new generation with stories of good battling evil, and winning.

The Three Little Pigs Toy House and StorybookCheck Price Melissa & Doug Deluxe Three Little Pigs Play Set Soft Baby ToyCheck Price


Toys from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is yet another pretty princess who comes under the curse of a wicked witch. In this case, the princess was cursed at the time of her birth. Later, on her 16th birthday, Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. Of course, there is a handsome prince whose kiss will awaken her from her deep sleep again. I am sure children will enjoy reading the book to follow the twists and turns of the story just as generations before them have done.

This book that is featured below is a work of art. The paintings of K.Y. Craft are beautifully illustrated in a book written by Mahlon Craft. This hardcover edition brings the story alive in a way like no other.

Plus, a child can own all of the main characters with the play set as well as the larger Aurora doll.

Disney Sleeping Beauty Figure Play Set — 7-Pc.Check Price Disney Exclusive Classic Disney Princess Aurora Doll – 12”Check Price Sleeping BeautyCheck Price


Puff the Magic Dragon Toys

The story of Puff the Magic Dragon sprang from a song and soon became one of the world’s favorite characters. This endearing little dragon touches everyone’s heart. The song, the dragon, his friend and the land of Honalee come to life as you and your child follow their adventures.

Till now, Puff the Magic Dragon hasn’t had his own storybook. This one comes to you complete with an embossed cover, illustrations and a CD of the song.

Every child will enjoy having their own plush Puff to carry around with them, or even their very on Puff on “ride”. The wooden rocker has a soft body and is made for a toddler. Too bad there is one for all of us older “kids” who love Puff. Maybe someday ……

Puff, the Magic Dragon: Large Plush by Kids PreferredCheck Price Puff, the Magic DragonCheck Price Kids Preferred Puff, The Magic Dragon: RockerCheck Price


Toys from the Beauty and the Beast

The tale of Beauty and the Beast has been the basis of many stories and is perhaps most loved these days from the colorful and tuneful Disney movie of the same name. The basis of the story is that the beautiful Belle (in the original French) agrees to stay with the Beast in return for the life of her father. Unknown to her, the Beast is a handsome Prince who was cursed by a witch for his cruelty. Of course, Belle is just the love he needs to release him from the spell.

This is another beautiful book that not just children will love. Beauty and the Beast by author Max Eilenberg and illustrator Angels Barrett is a hardcover edition you will want to keep.

Beauty and the BeastCheck Price Disney Princess Little Kingdom Beauty and the Beast 7-Figure Story CollectionCheck Price



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  1. I’ve always loved combining toys with storybooks. Love the Fairy Tale ideas you have here. BTW, did you know that the “Puff the Magic Dragon” song was originally written by Peter Yarrow of the folk singing group ‘Peter, Paul and Mary’ and is over 50 years old? And still popular with children (and their parents AND grandparents) today!

    • Yes, Elf, I do know that, but I very much appreciate you sharing it here. Some of our readers may not know the origin of the song and dragon. I grew up hearing and loving that song. I think it is the main reason I love Peter, Paul & Mary so much, although the do have a lot of great songs.

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