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The Eiffel Tower Lego SetKids, teens, and adults love Legos! They have certainly become highly collectible and, at times, very hard to find. A few years ago, our son started building the Lego Architecture sets of sites we visited. These built sets now serve as a memento, or 3D scrapbook of sorts, for our family. As we build vacation memories, he builds Lego replicas. It is really rather neat to look at the miniature Lego replicas and remember actually visiting the real historical site.

This past Christmas he actually ask for Lego architecture sets of places we have not been, but that he would someday like to visit. It will be a lot of fun to watch him move them to the “visited” collection shelf once he actually gets to go to the actual site. He loves history and historical monuments. I hope he gets the opportunity to see each and every one of them.

Here are several of the best Lego Architecture sets that include famous buildings from around the world. Lego provides a way for your kids, teens, and Lego enthusiasts of all ages to have fun building the designs while they learn about the architects and history around the building or monument.

Some of the Lego architecture sets are showcased and described below. You are sure to find several amazing sets for ages 10 and up. Each featured Lego architecture set has a brief overview on this page. You can click on the image or name of the item to find out more or to purchase the set. Like all Legos, these sets are creative and imaginative, but as somewhat unique since they are real world site replica sets.


LEGO Architecture White House

White House Lego Architecture set
 LEGO Architecture White House (21006)Check Price

This Lego architecture set comes with a base platform so you can build and then pick up and move. That makes it really easy to set up a display or a larger collection of buildings and sets without having pieces fall off.

Build a model of the White House with LEGO and discover the history of the United States White House. There are over 550 pieces in the set. As you build it, you can learn about the building itself, the White House construction, and history from the included booklet. Read about the White House architect of the original 1792 – 1800 building as well as the rebuilding project of 1814 (after the fire).

LEGO has outdone themselves with this amazing LEGO Architecture White House to provide enjoyment, education, and timeless fun for anyone over 12.


LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House

 LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House 21009Check Price

One of the most famous houses in the United States known for it’s unique architecture, the Farnsworth House has historic significance going back to about 1945. You can build this single story house and learn about the “glass house” architect, the history of the building, and much more.

LEGO Architecture series building sets are not just for kids. They are a step up from the LEGO of younger days. The ‘grown up’ style sets have more details in design and instruction, as well as important historic facts about the building construction.

This set is recommended for ages 12 – 16 and would be a great addition to any LEGO Architecture or LEGO Modular Building collection sets.


LEGO Architecture – Empire State Building

The Empire State Building Lego Architecture set

 LEGO 21002 Empire State BuildingCheck Price

The Empire State Building in New York is another very famous building in the United States. With the Lego Architecture set, you can build your own replica of the famous New York skyscraper that has been an architectural marvel for nearly a century. For almost 40 years it was the world’s tallest building. Even though it no longer holds that title, it is still an extremely popular landmark and tourist attraction.

It has been featured on movies since it was built back in the early 1930’s. Anyone who is interested in architecture, historical sites, or famous places is going to want the LEGO Architecture Empire State Building in their collection.

The best part about this set is that it is great for ages 10 and up!


LEGO Villa Savoye Building Set

LEGO Architecture: Villa Savoye 21014Check Price
Travelers and future architects are going to want to learn more about the Villa Savoye in Paris, France designed by Le Corbusier’s ‘Five Points’ construction principles. The setting is country, the building is modern, the techniques to combine the two made history in the 1920’s. The Villa Savoye was designed to ‘create harmony with nature’ and the principles became part of Architectural History.

Having a LEGO Architecture set of the Villa Savoye would be fun for any child or teen who enjoys LEGO as well as learning about the way buildings are designed. This design is one they are sure to not want to miss out on.


LEGO Architecture Big Ben

Big Ben Lego Architecture Set

LEGO Architecture 21013 Big BenCheck Price

The most memorable and prestigious landmarks in London, Big Ben is easily recognizable to everyone whether they have been to the UK or not. It is London’s finest architectural landmark known world wide for its design, history, and architectural excellence.

One of the most famous clock towers in the world built between 1843 – 1859.

Landmarks enhance the activity of building with Lego because you can learn not only how the Lego blocks work, but also more about the building itself.

Lego has consulted with designers and the Lego design team to ensure as many of the details are included and those which are included are as accurate as possible. Lego isn’t only making blocks… they are dedicated to education and inspiring our future architects.


Paris Lego Architecture Sets

If you have ever been to Paris, you know these are the two places you absolutely must visit and these sets will serve as fabulous mementos of your great adventures! If you have never been to Paris, then build them and be sure to put them on your bucket list of places you want to see.

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel TowerCheck Price LEGO Architecture 21024 Louvre Building KitCheck Price



More Places You Will Want to Add to Your Collection Regardless of Whether You Have Been There or Not!

LEGO Sydney Opera HouseCheck Price LEGO Trevi Fountain 21020 Building ToyCheck Price LEGO 21016 SungnyemunCheck Price


Any of these Lego Architecture Sets are wonderful! Plus, it seems like Lego is adding new buildings and landmarks each month to this collection. Be sure to check for any new releases and additional sets that you may desire by clicking here.


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Lego Architecture Buildings and Landmarks

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  1. Wow – I had no idea Lego made these architecture sets. How amazing! Love the Empire State Building one (brings back memories, as does Big Ben). My son & DIL would like the Paris buildings, having visited there 2 years ago and have plans to return next year. They loved Paris! What a fun way to visually preserve a memory of a favorite place visited. And their 14-year-old, who has enjoyed Legos since he was small, would most certainly be willing to help them put the Eiffel Tower (for instance) together!

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    I don’t usually comment but I gotta say thanks for
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