Barbie Dolls Make Great Gifts

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Barbie Dolls Make Great GiftsGifts for Christmas, Birthdays or Any Occasion

Most little girls love their Barbie dolls.  Therefore, Barbie makes the perfect gift for any occasion.  Just like I did when I was a little girl, the girls in our family carry their favorite Barbie everywhere they go, along with her box or bag of accessories.  In addition to the play Barbies, we all love collectible Barbie dolls.

To this day, I enjoy collecting Barbie dolls.  When I was a little girl, I preferred the everyday wear for Barbie, but now I like the elaborate costumes.  I have my own personal collection that I display that have never been played with, although I do take mine out of the box.

When my daughter was young, I gave her all of my childhood Barbies and she still treasures them.  In addition to my childhood dolls, my daughter has her own collection.  Some she played with and some she proudly displayed on a shelf in her room.  It seems like she was born knowing there was a difference in play dolls and collector dolls.  Her uncle would give her a new Barbie every year for Christmas.  He chose some of the most beautifully dressed Barbies and she was always delighted.  They are still on display in her childhood bedroom waiting to be passed down to the next generation.

Because of our love for Barbies, I highly recommend a unique Barbie doll gift for any girl of any age on your Christmas list.  These Barbies will certainly be their toy treasures!


Glamorous Barbie Dolls

Barbies are so beautiful and their costumes are often quite detailed and elegant.  Because of the unique designs, they have a very different personal appeal to girls who enjoy collecting and displaying their Barbies.  These dolls all have a limited number that were made.  Once they are sold out, they are truly unavailable unless you can find them on a secondary market.

 Barbie Collector 2007 GOLD Label – CHRISTABELLE DollCheck Price Barbie Faraway Forest Collection – Lady of the White Woods – GOLD LABEL Direct Exclusive!Check Price 2016 BILL GREENING FARAWAY FOREST WATER SPRITE Barbie w/SHIPPER in stock NEWCheck Price

Barbies Of Stage & Screen

We all have favorite movies or TV shows and love it when a Barbie is designed in the image of our beloved actress.  Whether your favorite is from the classics or from more contemporary films, Mattel manages to capture the their beauty and style with gorgeous dolls.  I have to admit, the Barbie representing the movie “The Birds” is extremely creative!  If you have seen the movie, you know exactly what film and the actress she portrays.

 Barbie Collector 2008 – Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS Barbie DollCheck Price Barbie Collector Wizard of Oz Dorothy DollCheck Price Barbie Titanic RoseCheck Price

My Favorite Barbie: The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie Doll

For those of us who are nostalgic, this Barbie is a reproduction of the original Teenage Fashion Barbie doll.  As a child, this was actually my very first Barbie doll.  However, at my young age, I had no idea that she would end up being iconic.  I didn’t even know what that meant!  For me, being able to acquire a  replica of my very first Barbie is truly awesome!  It is like stepping back into the best days of my youth.

 My Favorite Barbie: The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie DollCheck Price

Barbie Dolls Make Great Gifts


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