Vintage Paper Dolls

 Barbie and Ken Vintage Paper Dolls (Barbie) (Paper Doll Book) by Golden Books (2012-08-07)Check PricePaper Dolls have been around my whole life! My original paper dolls were one of my first “craft projects”. I remember spending days cutting out cartoons from the Sunday newspaper and pasting the pictures to cardboard to make my own paper dolls. It was rare to find a character that was facing forward to make the perfect paper doll. Then miracle of all miracles, I received my first printed paper doll book!

Paper Dolls Before

I was extremely delighted to get my first paper doll book.  However, I was quite hesitant to put scissors to the paper. The doll was beautiful and her clothes were such pretty, vividly colored and detailed pictures. I was so particular about them being cut out exactly right.  My dad helped me cut them out just to ensure that I did not accidentally cut off the dress tabs. I had literally years of fun changing my paper dolls clothes and appearance.


Paper Dolls Today

We can still get paper doll books today printed exactly like they were decades ago, which means we can now sit in the floor with our own children or grandchildren and reminisce while we help them cut out their paper doll clothes perfectly. If we are extremely blessed, we might even get to put that first fold in the tab as we dress the paper doll.

I selected the Barbie and Ken Vintage Paper Dolls book to feature above, but there is truly a wide selection of paper doll books available. You can see the full collection available here: Vintage Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls for Collectors

Paper Dolls are not just for children. My own current day collection of paper doll books have never seen a pair of scissors. They remain uncut and in perfect condition. It is like owning a piece of untouched splendor from my childhood. Sometimes the history within the pages, showing the styles of that day, make the paper doll books even more fascinating.

 Kitty Dale 1959: A Collectible Vintage Fashion Paper DollCheck Price 1950’s Vintage 50’s Style Retro Paper Dolls SetCheck Price Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses (Dover Celebrity Paper Dolls)Check Price

Retro Paper Dolls


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