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Lego Ships and BoatsLEGO Ships and Boats will always be toy treasures that children and adults alike will love and enjoy collecting. My own adult son has several that he built as a child on display in his game room, so I know from experience that children will build and keep their Lego ships and boats.

These sets will give anyone who loves water vehicles and LEGO a chance to explore building action models of boats and ships. Many of the sets come with mini-figures and other accessories to help spark more imaginative playtime.

Great gift for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. For educational and skill levels, check each set for the recommended age. As always, keep small parts out of the reach of children under 4 (to avoid choking hazard).

They really are great for Lego collectors, kids, and anyone who loves to build models. Even ship model builders are showing some interest in LEGO kits as a side hobby to add to their collection of models. So, think about everyone on your gift list and which of them are passionate about boats, pirates, boating, fishing, or water sports, and you are sure to find something for them on this page.


LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty

Colorful and imaginative LEGO Ninjago set with mini-figures, weapons, and the Destiny’s Bounty ship for hours of fun!

This is a great example of how LEGO sets provide themes to help spark imagination and make playtime more fun. This set has mini-figures (6), Ninjago weapons (over a dozen), and an awesome 16 x 10 x 11 inch ship. The LEGO Ninjago themed LEGO sets have been popular for boys and girls. This trademarked twist on pirate role play and imaginative toys is more fun than an ordinary pirate theme.

LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 9446Check PriceLego Ship Ninjago Destiny's Bounty











Lego City Fishing Boats

LEGO City Fishing Boat 4642Check Price

We all grow up at least hearing stories about fishing and those really great catches. Some of us are fortunate enough to actually get to fish as children. Whether the Lego City Fishing Boat set is meant to encourage imaginary play or meant to be a reminder of great times, it is a wonderful boat to build and own.

The LEGO City Fishing Boat has a sailor and a fisherman mini-figure included. The set includes about 64 pieces, including the small accessories like a fishing rod, life vests, shark, binoculars, coffee cup, etc.

Recommended for ages 5 – 12 and perhaps as a starter set for that age group. Great set to discuss the joy of fishing and have imaginary trips out to sea to catch fish and learn about how to avoid sharks.


LEGO City Speed Boat

LEGO City Speed Boat 4641Check Price

For someone who loves LEGO ships and boats, the LEGO City Speed Boat may be one of the most exciting gifts to receive of all.

This is going to be a fun set for the kids. There are 34 pieces and one of those is a sailor figure. It really floats when assembled, but may not be the best choice for a bath toy. Still, we would all prefer that our boats be “sea-worthy”.

Kids who love boats and water toys will enjoy building this LEGO City speed boat as much as they will enjoy playing with it after it is assembled.

Recommended for children age 5 – 12




LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl

Set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew on the Caribbean Black Pearl, which is truly an impressive Lego ship! With it’s black sails and pirate flag, it definitely emits the sinister appearance of a deadly pirate ship. Kids and adults alike love pirates and will enjoy the opportunity to build their own pirate ship, especially one that is designed to emulate Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl. What fun this pirate ship would be!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Ship will, no doubt, be one any child (or Johnny Depp fan) will enjoy as much or more than other LEGO building sets.
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184Check Price

Lego Black Pearl Ship set











LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge

This ship would be for the Lego enthusiast that would like to add a LEGO Ship that has a more “refined” appeal to their collection. This is a perfect choice for older children and teens (9-16) who love LEGO and ships. The sophisticated style of this ship makes it a ‘model’ style building kit with the LEGO touch.

This is the Queen Anne’s Revenge! It is another Lego ship created with the theme of “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. There are seven figures of people who were well known in the movie for this set. The set is recommended for ages 9 – 16 (not recommended for children under 4).

The ship is remarkable! Sails and details are admirable.

LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195Check Price



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