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Lego Sonic Plane

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The best LEGO Planes and Helicopters will give you options to fight fires, take care of police business, create a seaplane, or fight Ninjago characters. This page shows you the best LEGO Planes and Helicopter sets to collect for boys ages 5 – 17 (each set has different age recommendations). Add these sets to your collection of LEGO sets.

You can find several ‘themes’ such as the LEGO City, LEGO Ninjago, and more. Whatever LEGO style you enjoy the most, you are sure to find a plane or helicopter set (or a dual set) in one of the themes.

Don’t leave out the girls! While we might think of Planes and Helicopter toys as primarily a boys toy, there are many girls who would enjoy these sets. There are certainly women pilots and girls should be encouraged to dismiss the myth that only boys can fly planes.


LEGO City Fire Plane

Lego plane

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This Lego set includes a Fire Plane and a Fire Truck. Build a plane and off-road fire truck with trailer (truck has opening compartment).

The plane propellers rotate and the bay doors open.

LEGO City Fire Plane is an amazing plane you can build with LEGO and enjoy the accessories and mini-figures included. The set has several accessories to ensure playtime is packed with firefighting fun. There is a storage box to use to keep all of the accessories handy and ready to play. This is a great LEGO set for anyone who loves planes and LEGO.


LEGO Police Helicopter

Lego Police Helicopter

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LEGO Police Helicopter will be a great addition to your LEGO collection. Imagine you are flying all around the city to ensure all is well.

Building a LEGO set is nearly as much fun as playing after you have assembled it. Spend hours in imaginative play with one set or combine sets to create your own city.

Each set you add gives you another dimension to your LEGO experience.




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Dual set has everything you need to build a Helicopter OR a Seaplane. This is a unique LEGO set which allows you to build and then rebuild. One build is the Helicopter. But, you can take your helicopter apart and rebuild into a Seaplane.

The working rotors give a ‘realistic’ element. You can also raise and lower the winch.

There are 152 pieces in this set. Recommended for ages 8 – 14 (skill level intermediate).


LEGO Ninjago Storm Fighter Plane

LEGO Ninjago Storm Fighter Plane

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This plane comes with everything you need to launch your campaign on Fangpyre Scout Snappa! Includes Jay ZX and Snappa mini-figures.

The storm fighter is about 12″ long and has a wingspan of about 13″ and comes with two mini-figures. Ninjago is a popular style of LEGO and comes in a variety of sets to choose from.

When you visit, check the feature “customers who bought this item also bought” so you can see the large number of sets you can add to your Ninjago collection.


Lego City Passenger Plane

Lego City Passenger Plane

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Over 300 piece kit with a passenger plane with opening top. 7 passenger plane comes with three mini-figures.

Plane is 15″ long x 3″ tall. Recommended for ages 5 – 12 years.

Add more to your LEGO City collection with an airport style passenger plane.

Even comes with an airport mini-car to move the luggage from the airport (not-included) to the plane.


Lego City Terminal & Plane Set

Lego City Terminal

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The Lego Passenger Plane and Terminal set would be a great gift for any child who is going to have the opportunity to take their first plane ride. Use the LEGO set to give your child a bit of preparation to learn about airliners and plane rides.

Play as you move the luggage to the plane and open the conversation to discuss what they should expect when they fly, not only on the plane, but also in the terminal.


LEGO Planes and Helicopters Allow Us to Explore New Heights!

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  1. dawn rae says:

    This is a great list of Lego sets. My kids loved Legos and I loved playing with them. I continue to play with Legos at work, several times a week. What a great invention!

  2. Susan says:

    Legos are a favorite of mine. They are all just so much fun. I love that Lego has so many different kinds of sets to create fun toys. The planes and helicopter sets are ones that I want to add to my own collection.

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