The Best Lego Space Building Sets

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Lego Space SetsThe best LEGO Space Building Sets will give your child a great opportunity to discover building blocks as well as explore space topics and imagine going to the moon or mars. With these space sets he can plan his journey to other planets, explain the questions in the universe, and virtually explore space all in the safety of your home.

Building sets for kids are more than just blocks. They provide education, development of fine motor skills, practice in using imagination, opportunities for growth in understanding the world around us, as well as hours of fun!

LEGOS have long been a favorite for kids building blocks. For several decades the LEGO brand has expanded and added new and exciting opportunities for kids to play and learn. When you give a LEGO set you are giving a lot more than a box of blocks.

Shuttle Expedition 10231Check Price Space Center Style# 3368Check Price Satellite Launch Pad 3366Check Price



LEGO Space Shuttle 3367

Space Shuttle 3367Check Pric

Parents will happily tell you that legos still the best choice for today’s kids when it comes to toys. Not only are the kids having a fabulous time, the parents are thrilled that LEGO is still making quality and informative products (even the instructions details give kids and parents facts which lend to education).

The Space Shuttle is for humans who want to explore outer space! The Space Shuttle comes with an astronaut and has over 200 pieces to engage in imaginative play. It includes a telescope (Hubble Space) and features cargo doors that really open. Truly one of the best LEGO Space choices because of the real life history and current events you can incorporate into the imaginative play time.

Children of all ages will marvel at the possibilities.

Recommended for ages 5 – 12
‘choking hazard’ warning : Small parts – not for children under 4



LEGO Space Alien Striker

Space Alien Striker 7049Check Price

Kids love aliens and the Space Alien Striker is a great choice to help them imagine what it would be like to meet up with life on other planets. LEGO has a long line of Space Alien sets and this one includes Alien Defense, Alien Trooper, and Alien Striker (42 pieces).

Recommended for ages 6 – 14

Parents, like myself, say kids love LEGO as much as they love video games. Especially when the subjects are interesting to them. Good old fashion toys can get buried in the toy box if a child becomes attracted to only electronic games. So, if you are looking for something to compete with the hand-held games … LEGO is one of the best choices!

LEGO Space UFO Abduction

If you have ever seen mini crop circles you may live near a child who has the LEGO Space UFO Abduction set. This Alien space ship would be a great companion to the LEGO Space Alien Striker set. You would have duplicate of the Alien Defense unit soldier but you would have additional mini-figures as well.

Space UFO Abduction 7052Check Price



LEGO Space Tripod Invader

Space Tripod Invader 7051Check Price

Build this ship with LEGO blocks. After building you can easily remove the saucer part of the ship from the legs (for ‘flying’) then put the legs back on for ‘landing’ and on the ground recon missions.

LEGO Space Tripod Invader space building set for future space travelers and kids who love imaginative play and having the freedom and opportunity to build, explore, learn, play, and learn how things work.

This set is recommended for ages 7 – 14

Includes two mini-figures (business man and alien trooper). Build this ship with or without the tripod legs (saucer is removable even after building)


LEGO Space Moon Buggy

Space Moon Buggy 3365Check Price

Take a journey across the moon in style! Collect moon rocks and other materials to take back to Earth for testing… be careful what you bring back, do a quick test of the moon rock to make sure there aren’t any aliens waiting for a ride.

This would make a great companion to the Space Shuttle

The shuttle has landed, and it is time for the astronaut to take a fact finding journey over the moon rocks… what better way for her to explore the moon than in a LEGO Space moon buggy? This set comes with an astronaut and vehicle with a digging tool to gather precious moon rocks and other treasures.

There are over 30 pieces in this set.

Recommended for ages 5 – 12
(keep small parts away from children under 4)


The Ultimate Lego Air & Space Set

Space, space shuttles, airplanes and airports (control centers) naturally go hand in hand. Give your child the gift of the ultimate aeronautical Lego experience.

Recommended for ages 4 and up!

Education Space and Airport Set 4579792 (1,176 Pieces)Check Price


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Lego Space Building Sets

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  1. My 7-year-old grandson LOVES space related stuff and is the latest of my 5 grandsons to be Lego-crazy! These Lego space sets are terrific. I know David would love any or all of them!

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