New Versions of Iconic Classic Toys

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New-Versions-Slinky2Remember those great toys you played with when you were a child? So many new toys are out, but there are great new versions of those classic toys that we now see as icons from our own childhood. Iconic classics are back in style and ready for you to enjoy, collect or share with your own children.

Iconic Toys

When we talk about collecting toys, what do we mean by words like “iconic?” These were the toys that were so well known in they introduction days that they became “icons.” They are recognized as representatives of that era or decade. If you’ve seen the Disney-Pixar movies Toy Story, then you have seen plenty of iconic toys. The whole movie is based on those toys that were so popular in the mid-century and just a bit beyond. Woody comes from the 1950’s Western TV shows, Etch-a-Sketch from the early 1960’s and our dear friend Slinky, introduced in 1946 and subsequently became a hit.

Collecting Classic Toys

Collecting those iconic classic toys is a popular hobby for many. Some people are looking for the original toys that were produced in their heyday. These are expensive toys to collect. They need to be in good condition and that usually translates into a costly purchase. For some, this is an investment.

But that’s not the only way to collect iconic toys. New versions are being produced. These perform the same play action as the originals and often look very similar, but there may be new colors, costumes and styles. And the big plus here, they are inexpensive to buy. You can collect lots of versions of the new toy in many different looks. For me, that’s the great fun of collecting.

Play with the New Versions of the Classics

One of the best features of the new versions of these old iconic toys is that they are made to be played with. My own grandchildren love to play with “Gramma’s Toys” and I can let them. I don’t have to be worried that they will break or dirty an original toy that I’ve collected.

Better yet, I can play with these toys. Even just a few minutes of sliding a Slinky between my hands can relax me from a stressful day. This always brings a smile to my face and a little more warmth to my heart. According to Woody, that’s what a toy is for.

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