Ceramic Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks for KidsOne of the first gifts we receive as expectant parents is often a piggy bank.  The idea is that we will start saving for our children immediately, and that often works.  However, what I have experienced is that one piggy bank is not enough.  If we add our change to them on a regular basis, they fill up pretty quick with coins.  As our children get old enough to add coins to their piggy banks themselves, they can fill up even faster.

Encourage your child to save change and money by giving them a ceramic piggy bank that they love.  A piggy bank that is adorable and begs to be fed by simply looking at them.  If your child loves Pokemon, give him a Pokemon piggy bank.  If she loves elephants, give her an elephant piggy bank.  Piggy banks don’t have to be pigs, they can be any animal or character shape and are available in a variety of designs.  They can even be shaped as favored superheroes or favorite cartoon characters.  As your child’s preferences change, give them a new piggy bank.  Before you know it, their collection of piggy banks will reflect their childhood years and precious memories.


Animal Piggy Banks

Cosmos 2041 Fine Porcelain Noah's Ark Piggy Bank, 4-5/8-InchCosmos 2041 Fine Porcelain Noah’s Ark Piggy Bank, 4-5/8-InchCheck Price

We all love animals, therefore the animal piggy banks are often the first of our piggy bank collections.  Since they are called “piggy banks”, we think of the pigs immediately, but there are definitely other animal banks that are loved and adored by children of all ages.

Noah’s Ark is my favorite baby animal bank because it features several different animals much to the delight of any child.   They are perfect with baby nursery decor.  Even guests and family who stop by to see your baby will be inclined to add a “starter” gift to this baby’s piggy bank.  Our son had the Noah’s Ark piggy bank in his nursery and it filled up with change before he could even walk thanks to friends, family members, and most especially thanks to his Dad!

It won’t be long before a toddler will let you know which animal is their favorite.  Once you see which animal your baby is drawn to, then give them a piggy bank designed after their favorite animal.  To this day, elephants hold a special place in our daughter’s heart.

 Elephant Blue Yellow Polka Dot 5.25 Inch Ceramic Piggy BankCheck Price Whale Blue White Polka Dot 5 Inch Ceramic Piggy BankCheck Price Giraffe Yellow Blue 7 Inch Ceramic Piggy BankCheck Price


Character Piggy Banks

Cartoon characters are also favored piggy bank designs.  You definitely know a child’s favorite cartoon character!  They are the princesses, superheroes, or animated characters they see on television or in video games.  Lots of toys are created in the image of these characters.   However, few toys will be more valuable than the character piggy bank filled with money.  If you choose a piggy bank designed after their favorite character, children will definitely want to add coins to them daily.  Before you know it, it will be time for another piggy bank!

 Disney Mickey Mouse Ceramic Coin BankCheck Price Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Ceramic Coin Bank NWT 2015Check Price Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Ceramic Coin Piggy Coin Bank – LargeCheck Price Spiderman Spidey Head Ceramic BankCheck Price


Ceramic Piggy Banks

Ceramic piggy banks are often preferred by moms because they can be easily cleaned.  They make beautiful bedroom decor pieces, as well as a lovely collection when you have more than one.  Plus, everyone loves the sound of the change clinking against the sides of a ceramic piggy bank.  Just don’t shake them too hard!  Anything ceramic will break.


Piggy Banks for Kids


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  1. A nursery themed piggy bank would be a perfect baby shower gift. I love piggy banks and our family had several over the years. Naturally, one of them was a ‘Piggy’. 🙂

    You have a lovely collection of piggy banks featured here. It would be hard to choose just one.

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