Madame Alexander Cloth Dolls

Madame Alexander Cloth DollsMadame Alexander Cloth Dolls Make Great Gifts for Toddlers

All children love their baby dolls and Madame Alexander has introduced a whole line manufactured with toddlers and preschoolers in mind.

Many of the Madame Alexander cloth dolls are for babies or toddlers ages 1 month and up. Others are designed for preschool ages 36 months and up. They have painted facial features instead of buttons or eyes that could easily be a hazard for children, which alone, makes them a great choice, but they are also adorable!

Children love to snuggle with their babies and they drag them around from place to place with them. There are a lot of different varieties including Charlie Brown and character dolls from the Wizard of Oz. These dolls could easily become your child’s favorite companion.

The really hard part, is choosing which one to give them first!


Holly Hobbie Cloth Doll

Madame Alexander Dolls Cloth Holly Hobbie, 18Check Price

18″ Doll ~ For Ages 1 Month and Up

Some dolls are meant to be loved and treasured for a lifetime! The Holly Hobbie doll is definitely a cloth doll that can grow up with your child. When she is an adult, she will treasure her Holly Hobbie doll as a collectible and a childhood keepsake.

This pretty doll is 18″ tall and is wearing the traditional patchwork dress and bonnet so often associated with “Holly Hobbie”. The very best part is that her face is hand painted, which means she can be loved on by a baby or toddler without the concern of a choking hazard from beads or buttons.



Colorful Madame Alexander Cloth Dolls

The Strawberry Shortcake doll and the Rainbow Brite doll are both colorfully dressed dolls that have stood the test of time. They are both still popular today! Not only would these dolls be great gifts for children, but they hold special meaning to a lot of adults as well. As parents, we enjoy being able to give our children a part of our own youth. They may not be the exact same doll, but they definitely hold the memories.

Like most of the Strawberry Shortcake items, this Madame Alexander cloth doll is scented with the smell of strawberries.

Either of these dolls would be safe and playable for children 1 month and up.

Madame Alexander 18Check Price Madame Alexander, Rainbow Brite Cloth Doll, Rainbow Brite Collection, Storyland Collection – 18Check Price


Childhood Friends from Books

Children love to be able to hold and love the dolls that are created to replicate the characters in storybooks. As tangible dolls, kids can hold them and snuggle with them while we read their favorite stories to them over and over. These dolls make a wonderful bedtime story companion or a fun playtime friend.

We often think of dolls being for little girls, but little boys love this collection of “dolls” too.

Madame Alexander Dolls Christopher Robin and Pooh Cloth , 18Check Price Madame Alexander 9″ Cloth Max Doll from Where The Wild Things AreCheck Price Madame Alexander, Madeline and The Cats Of Rome Cloth Doll, Madeline Collection, Storyland Collection – 18Check Price


Madame Alexander Cloth Dolls from the Peanuts Gang

There are several Madame Alexander cloth dolls in the Peanuts gang collection, but everybody loves Charlie Brown and Lucy! These dolls make great companions for the movies and books, as well as your child. It would be fun to five one, or both, of these dolls along with the Peanuts DVD’s. Children would love to set with their new buddy while watching the show.

Madame Alexander 14Check Price Madame Alexander 14Check Price


Madame Alexander Cloth Dolls from The Wizard of Oz

Most of us consider The Wizard of Oz to be a childhood favorite whether we are talking about movies or books. These cloth dolls are sure to be cherished as play dolls and collectibles. This would easily be a collection that you could add to for each special occasion or event, which would give an even greater significance and value to each individual doll. I am sure they would all be loved.

I know a lot of adults who would love to own the Winged Monkey Madame Alexander cloth doll! He really is a lot cuter than the winged monkeys in the movie.

Several of the dolls featured in this article are for babies or toddlers. However, the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander doll collection is recommended for children who are 3 years or older.

Madame Alexander Cowardly Lion Cloth DollCheck Price Madame Alexander Dorothy, Wizard of Oz CollectionCheck Price Madame Alexander Scarecrow Cloth DollCheck Price Madame Alexander Tin Man Cloth DollCheck Price Madame Alexander Winged Monkey Cloth DollCheck Price


For over 80 years, Madame Alexander has been a name we could trust to produce beautiful dolls, quality merchandise and fabulous collectibles. Any of these dolls would be Toy Treasures.



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